Connect and Reconnect

All bills paid after Due Date are subject to a 10 % late charge as approved by CCW. Bills not paid 30 days after billing date are subject to water disconnection. No second notice will be sent to customers reminding of payments past due. Customers who fail to receive a bill in the mail are not excused from the responsibility for timely payment of all services provided.
A fee of $35 and full payment of delinquent bill must be paid before service is resumed.

Accounts that are locked for non-payment must be paid with cash or money order.  NO PERSONAL CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED!!  If payment is made by 4:00 PM on same business day, the service will be restored same day.  If paid after 4:00 PM, water service will not be restored until next business day unless customer chooses to pay $40.00 after hours charge. The after hours charge needs to be paid in our office before 5:00 PM.

Any account locked for 10 business days or more and not closed will not be cut on until next business day after full payment of account is made with cash or money order.  Any account locked more than 10 business days may be closed and the deposit applied to the account.  To restore service, you will be required to bring in rental receipt or proof that you own property, drivers license, new deposit and pay any balance left on account.  Once completed, service will be restored next business day.

Services interrupted for non-payment in access of 60 days will be pulled and only restored after the account is paid in full plus current tap on fee less the initial tap fee plus another deposit and application fee.  Proof of ownership of property, drivers’ license will also be required to restore service.  Service will only be restored next business day!!