How do I read my water bill?
To better understand your bill, click here to open a sample bill with explanations.

How do I read my water meter?
To better understand how to read your water meter, click here to open an image file.

How do I start water service?
To Obtain Water

How do I transfer my service?
If your account has a $0 balance, the account can be transferred by phone. There will be a $5 transfer fee and accounts can only be transferred from to owner to owner, or rental to rental. Transfers from old account to new account will occur on the same day.

You can also come to our main office in Lawndale. (see map)

Can I pay without my bill?
Yes. Cleveland County Water keeps all customer records.

What if my payment is late?
Bills are sent to all customers based upon approximately 30 days of service. Bills are due and payable 20 days from the billing date, and are past due and delinquent after the due date listed on the bill. All bills paid after this date are subject to a 10 % late charge as approved by CCW. Bills not paid 30 days after billing date are subject to water disconnection. No second notice will be sent to customers reminding of payments past due. Customers who fail to receive a bill in the mail are not excused from the responsibility for timely payment of all services provided.